5 comments on “Metallica’s James Hetfiled watches Cliff ’em All and asks, “Why is this band playing our songs?”

  1. Hetfield should have stayed fucked up so he could still write good songs, and Lars is just an egomaniac asshole!

  2. The current Metallica is nothing more than a parody of their former selves!.Songs are played wat to fast,sloppy, Lars tries to reinvent every song they play.even their classic sound is gone ,..now replaced with any amp or guitar that any corporate gives them.I recongnize very little in metallica now for why I fell in love with them 27 yrs ago! Ive seen tribute acts that give more passion to metallica songs than the band itself does. I really wish they would just hang it up and enjoy the money and successs thay earned,..and not fall into the ..”bunch of old guys still tryin to show up metal bands half their age”. I was metallica nut before Master of puppets was even released,..I earned the right to blast them,..Im sure many of you feel the same.

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