97 comments on “Tom Hanks To Play Neil Peart in Rush Bio Pic “Moving Pictures: The Rush Story”

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  2. Why doesn’t Geddy just play himself … I’m sure they’ll all be there anyway to help assist with everything.

  3. I’m in a Rush Tribute Band (Dreamline) I can play La Villa with a Tom Hanks face cut out. That would Rock

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  5. Παιδες σορυ που σας το χαλαω αλλα ενας μπορουσε να παιξει τον geddy lee.και το ονομα αυτου Σωτηρης Μουστακας.R.I.P.

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  7. Theres a Rush Tribute Band called Lotus Land !! The bass player singer is a dead ringer for Geddy Lee ! He even sounds like Geddy sounded back in 70s n 80s !!! amazing tribute band

  8. Theres a Tribute band called Lotus Land ! The bass player /singer is a dead ringer for Geddy Lee ! he sounds like Geddy back in the 70s n 80s !! Amazing Bass Player n singer !!

  9. Who will play John Rutsey? That is a critical role ’cause if he doesn’t bail we would never had Neil.

  10. How much training would Tom have to have before he could crush skins like Neil? I see this being Tom Hanks’ most difficult role.

  11. If this movie is to be released this year, why is there no trailer and or any indication concerning progress on this film since 2014? Anybody know?

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