Metallica Fans Feel Rejected After The Recent Release of an Album That Doesn’t Suck.

Image result for group of teens cryingMetallica fans are in shock after the release of Metallica’s much anticipated release, Hardwired… To Self Destruct.  When a copy of the album reached the Over The Top office, we here were pretty impressed with what we heard.  The fact that we were able to listen to this album from start to finish and actually kind of dig it, we realized that we should probably take to the streets.  Over the Top intern (receiving 2 college credits) Cass Shandiki hit the streets and went to the nearest Hot Topic store to talk to Metallica fans regarding their thoughts of the new album.

“Man, I just don’t get it”, says 21 year old Jake Supburo.   “They were my favorite band for so long but this album just sucks.  It just sounds so well produced.  They’re losing their edge.”

25 year old fan Emily Ruhgbuhrn refused to play it so safely.  “Fuck those guys.  What the fuck happened to the band?  They sound so fucking old.  I miss their more classic sound like Load and Re-Load.  This new thing they’re doing just pisses me off.  I exchanged my CD and go the latest Asking Alexandria album.  Now that is real fucking metal.”

35 year old Blake Dublewhyde was just, “… disappointed that Hatfield ain’t sayin’ “YEAH” all that much.” 

From the looks of it, Metallica may be losing the bulk of their fanbase with this new release which can only mean a downward decline for the band.  We will keep an eye on this story as it progresses.


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