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Country Star Blake Shelton Announces New Death Metal Supergroup: KENTRUCKY FRIED DEATH

Country Star Blake Shelton recently announced his plans to record and tour with his new death metal band, KENTRUCKY FRIED DEATH.  Over the Top reached out to Shelton for some details on this new project.

“Man, I’ve always loved me summa that there death metal.  I mean, even summa them there death metal dudes made country albums.  That hoss from Behindmeth (we think he means Behemoth) and that there dude from Morbid Angel did country albums so hell, why not.  I assembled the best fucking band I could get.  One of them dudes is so fucking good that he can’t move but can still play guitar better than Brad Paisley so go eat shit Bradley!”

KENTRUCKY FRIED DEATH‘s debut album,”From the Depths of Hell’s Fryer” will be released in the fall and feature songs such as “Finger Fucking Good”, “Coors Light From a Skull”, “Sibling Death Orgy”, and an extreme metal cover of “Friends in Low Places.”

Blake Shelton: Vocals/Downtuned Acoustic Guitar
Mike Portnoy: Drums
Jason Becker: Guitar
Abbath: Guitar
Jon Leon: Bass Guitar/Twitter/Facebook/Instagram Posts



Former Immortal Leader Abbath to Cancel All Outdoor Photo/Video Shoots Due to Global Warming


Winter of 2016/2017 has been rough for former Immortal leader, Abbath.  With the lack of snow due to global warming, Abbath has had to cancel all outdoor photo/video shoots.

“This is not a good sign for Abbath”, says Abbath talking in the 3rd person.  “Abbath not happy with no snow.  Snow is the fuel behind the image and attitude and without it, I am just man in leather and corpse paint among living leaves and green foliage.  That shit may work for Slayer but it no work for Abbath.  Abbath angry.”

We tried to explain to Abbath that he would have to leave Florida to find snow ever he just replied, “Abbath don’t go to snow.  Snow come to Abbath.  Hail!”


Abbath in Happier Times