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Former Immortal Leader Abbath to Cancel All Outdoor Photo/Video Shoots Due to Global Warming


Winter of 2016/2017 has been rough for former Immortal leader, Abbath.  With the lack of snow due to global warming, Abbath has had to cancel all outdoor photo/video shoots.

“This is not a good sign for Abbath”, says Abbath talking in the 3rd person.  “Abbath not happy with no snow.  Snow is the fuel behind the image and attitude and without it, I am just man in leather and corpse paint among living leaves and green foliage.  That shit may work for Slayer but it no work for Abbath.  Abbath angry.”

We tried to explain to Abbath that he would have to leave Florida to find snow ever he just replied, “Abbath don’t go to snow.  Snow come to Abbath.  Hail!”


Abbath in Happier Times



Stryper to Release New EP: “The Yellow and Black Metal Attack: A Christian Tribute to Black Metal.”

stryper-2013Christian metal gods (sorry about that) Stryper have been having quite a busy last few years.  In addition to hitting the road for sold out shows all over the US and putting out the fantastic “No More Hell To Pay” album, Stryper has found time in their busy recording schedule to drop a surprising and shocking EP release.  For some reason, Stryper singer/guitarist Michael Sweet reached out to Over the Top Metal News to fill us in on Stryper’s latest EP, The Yellow and Black Metal Attack: A Christian Tribute to Black Metal.

“I know that Over the Top Metal News is the place where nobody really goes to get their news so we felt safe sharing this information with you all first!  We have always been fans of heavy metal music and Black Metal music is a genre that I feel like could really use some healing.  It’s so dark and so ominous but the music is freaking good and powerful.   I was drinking some chocolate soy milk the other night while eating my double stuff Oreos and God totally texted me on my iPhone saying, “Mike.  U need to play these songs n use them 2 spread the wrd of me.”  It was pretty powerful.  At first I thought it was Oz (Fox; guitarist) joshing with me but no, it was really the big “G.” 

So just how did Stryper take these Black Metal songs and use them as a vehicle for God’s message?

“Oh, it’s very easy Sol.  What we did was we completely deconstructed these songs lyrically and basically created a negative image, which is actually positive, of these songs creating lyrics that praise the almighty homeboy; the original “G.”

Sweet on the bands’ reactions to them doing these songs.

“Actually, everybody seemed ok with it.  King Diamond was still upset that we were throwing bibles at our shows because he’s so worried that we’re going to put someone’s eye out.  As for Erik Danielsson of Watain, I thought he had sent me a rotisserie chicken as a thank you gift but it turned out to a sacrificially burned pig with a dagger in his head.  I’m guessing he wasn’t to thrilled about our Watain cover.” 

The tracklist of the six song EP The Yellow and Black Metal Attack: A Christian Tribute to Black Metal is as follows:

1. Yellow and Black Metal (Black Metal by Venom)

2. Holy Forces of Good (Unholy Forces of Evil by Immortal)

3. In Conspiracy with God (In Conspiracy with Satan by Bathory)

4. Christian Blood (Satanic Blood by Von)

5. God’s Blood (Devil’s Blood by Watain)

6. Into the Church (Into the Coven by Mercyful Fate)

The real treat of this EP though is the hidden bonus track.

“We really wanted to do a cool hidden track so I called up Tom Araya of Slayer and we did a duet on the song “North of Hell” which is our take on the Slayer classic “South of Heaven.”  We had a really good time working on that one.  I mean, he is Catholic and all but I didn’t hold that against him.  We had a really swell time recording this track and celebrated by drinking some church wine and having some donuts afterwards.”

The Yellow and Black Metal Attack: A Christian Tribute to Black Metal is due out end of the summer so keep your eyes and ears open for this grand release!