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European Bands Protest Trump’s Immigration Ban by Cancelling ProgPower Appearances! Jeff Scott Soto to Save the Day… Again!


Breaking news from the Over the Top Newsroom.  Due to President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration ban, all of the European bands scheduled to perform at the 2017 ProgPower Festival in Atlanta, GA have decided to cancel their performances.  We contacted festival organizer Glen Hareveston about this but he was unable to talk to us because of suffering a stress-induced panic attack.  We did, however, receive an email from a ProgPower representative assuring us that the show will go on.  The email said this:

“ProgPower will go on!  ProgPower prides itself as being a festival for the fans.  While we understand the need to protest President Trump’s immigration ban, we also have a show to run and we are excited to announce that Jeff Scott Soto will be stepping in to save the day, or two days I should say, once again.  Jeff Scott Soto will perform every song from every one of his bands taking only a 10-minute break in between sets.”

Jeff Scott Soto says, “I am ecstatic to once again step in and save the day for ProgPower!  I mean, the people are going to get two days of Jeff Scott Soto.  What doesn’t rule about that?  I can’t wait to get back to Atlanta and melt some faces!  ProgPower forever!”

This year’s ProgPower festival also is to feature an appearance by former Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy where he will just play his drums for two hours while the crowd basks in the glory of his presence.  Due to the inability of the venue to accommodate his head, Portnoy’s set will take place on the roof of the adjacent parking deck.  Indoor tickets will still be honored for this performance.