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Nikki Sixx To Be Honored As Poet Laureate by Mrs. Williams’ 10th Grade Literature Class

It was announced this morning that former Motley Crue bassist/songwriter Nikki Sixx would be receiving a prestigious award this week.  This week, Mr. Sixx will be honored as Poet Laureate by Mrs. William’s 10th grade literature class at Crenshaw Senior High.  Mrs. Williams (who is now a 50 year old literature high school teacher) was (and still is) a huge Motley Crue fan.  Often quoting the works of lyricist Nikki Sixx in her class, Mrs. Williams believes that Nikki Sixx is a poetic genius.

“How can you even deny the genius that Nikki Sixx truly is?” says Mrs. Williams.  “Nikki is without a doubt one of the most over looked poets of our lifetime.  “Touch my gun but don’t pull my trigger.  Let’s make history in the elevator.”  Or how about, “Trick or treat-sweet to eat. On Halloween and New Year’s Eve.  Yankee girls ya just can’t be beat.  But they’re the best when they’re off their feet.”?  That is just brilliant.

Mrs. Williams also added, “Nikki Sixx’s ability to make words rhyme and to capture a moment are what makes him such a great poet.  That is why my class and I decided to award Mr. Sixx with our annual Poet Laureate award.  He should forever be viewed as a true artist and a poetic genius.  Besides, have you read the Heroin Diaries?  That is some class A writing.  So deep.”

When asked what her personal favorite poetic line was, she quoted, “She’s got sassy class.  Bring you to your knees when she shakes her ass.”  When asked why, she just winked and said, “Well… that’s personal but it has sometime to do with being backstage after a show in on the Theater of Pain tour.  Ok, I’ve said enough.”