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2016 Rings in One Last Death: Rest In Peace Sebastian Bach’s Voice


It ain’t over till it’s over folks.  2016 has been a real bitch of a year.  We had to suffer through High on Fire shows, Queensryche drummer Scott Rockenfield’s head lamp, and King Diamond not touring.  We also had to deal with a bunch of people kicking the fucking bucket.  After a brutal year of deaths in the music world such as David Bowie, Nick Menza, and Dave Mustaine’s sobriety, 2016 has ushered in one more loss before we call it a year.

After a long, agonizing fight, the original voice of Skid Row, Sebastian Bach’s voice, died today at the age of 48.  Long time fans of the formerly thin, full toothed, Skid Row vocalist have stuck with him through it all but today, fans mourn the inevitable passing of the voice of Sebastian Bach.

BACHaloreatte420 tweeted: “2day is a sad day.  I will miss the voice that sang I Remember U up 2 1992.  RIP  #ripsebastianbachsvoice

We spoke with long time friend/mentor Eddie Trunk and Eddie had this to say:

Today I got word that the voice of Sebastian Bach lost it’s long time fight with life.  I talked about Sebastian in my awesome book.  I texted my buddy Rob Halford to talk to him about it but I had to leave him a voice message and I thought to myself, “Sebastian will never be able to do that again.”

Another fan, Ron Saphusso posted to Sebastian Bach’s Official Friendster page: “RIP Bach’s voice.  I stood by you as you struggled through night after night and I just hoped that one day maybe your voice would return to being as good as it was during your first season on Gilmore Girls.  That last show where you and Rob Affuso jammed I just knew that the end was near.  I blame Rob.  #ripsebastianbachsvoice

When asked to comment on this story, Skid Row bassist Rachel Bolan told us, “It’s so sad to hear that his voice has left us.  It’s been on it’s way out for a long while so RIP.  I hope his fingers die soon after.”


Santa Clause’s List Leaked to Media: Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian, and Dave Mustaine Among Others to Receive Coal.


Over The Top Metal News is the first to report that due to an IT Security breech at the North Pole, the naughty/nice list of the one and only Santa Clause has been leaked.  We obtained a scan of the list and it looks like Sebastian Bach, Scott Ian, and Dave Mustaine are at the top of the naughty list which also includes Five Finger Death Punch, Volbeat, Ghost, and Erik Danielsson of Watain.  We reached out to the North Pole and managed to get a hold of someone in the administration who requested to remain anonymous.

The representative said that Bach, Ian, and Mustaine would all be receiving coal because they are “not very nice people and actually, in all honesty, are big dumb assholes.”  Erik Danielsson made the naughty list because he pretty much “fucks devil chicks and worships Satan.”  When we asked why Ghost and Volbeat had made the list, he stated, “…because they make shitty fucking music and don’t even deserve coal.”  When asked why he had such a filthy mouth, the admin person told us, “Go fuck yourselves.  You’re getting coal too!” and hung up on us.

Merry Fucking Christmas to you too… asshole.

Sebastian Bach’s Memoir Delayed Because of Change of Format to a Coloring Book.

Earlier this week it was announced that former Skid Row singer/Original Voice of Skid Row Sebastian Bach is delaying the release of his memoir entitled 18 And Life On Skid Row.  There were no details released as to why the announced 600 page book was delayed.  Rumors circulated that he was holding out for a forward to be written for him by Andrew Lloyd Webber but it turned out that Webber had no fucking clue who he was saying, “I thought Sebastian Bach was long dead.  Why would anyone think he was still alive?”  When told he was the former singer for Skid Row who did Jeckyl and Hyde, he laughed hysterically and said “Fuck no.”

Over the Top Metal News heard from an inside source at Bach’s publishing company that he decided to change the format of his book to a full on 600 page coloring book.  In a leaked e-mail to his publicist, Bach exclaimed, “There are just so too many words that I have to use in this book.  I mean, how many fucking times can I say “fuck” and “mother truckers”?  Fuck all these fucking words.  Let’s give my fans a coloring book.  The mother truckers are going to fucking love this fucking shit, man!  Right on down!

Over the Top Metal News moles were also able to obtain a scan of the Bach’s upcoming coloring book:


According to more leaked sources, the coloring book will feature a forward from Axl Rose and feature drawings by Sebastian’s son Paris Bach featuring images of Dave “The Snake” Sabo in an electric chair, Rachel Bolan being eaten by a crocodile at a Disney resort, and all replacement Skid Row vocalists being hung from trees execution style.  The book will also come with a free set of coloring pens and an autographed copy of Angel Down since there are so many copies left that nobody bought.

Expect the release date to be announced soon.